Super Series

The Super Series is a singles and doubles competition open to all badminton players from Member Associations affiliated to the BWF.

The Super Series is a 12 tournaments series designed to attract the top 32 players from around the world with a minimum of USD $ 200,000 prize money for each tournament.

Hosted from January through to December each year the events are usually hosted in pairs in a similar region of the world – in mid January, the Victor Korean Super Series kicks off the year followed by the Proton Malaysian Super Series. SS-enopi-logo

The BWF is also pleased to announce that Enopi, owned by Korea’s top educational services provider Daekyo, an education programme that emphasizes individual learning and teaching is adjusted to the performance level of each student, as the Presenting sponsor for the remaining season of the 2010 Super Series season. The sponsorship began with the Li Ning Singapore Open.

The Super Series was introduced to showcase badminton at a higher level of competitiveness, to increase television coverage for the sport and to increase the star quality and popularity of the top players in the world through a wider television audience.

Players earn World Ranking Points towards their World Ranking according to the special classification of those tournaments which have been nominated by the BWF. There is also a separate standings for players competing in the Super Series – called the Super Series Standings – and the top eight men’s and women’s singles players, top eight men’s and women’s doubles pairs, and top eight mixed doubles pairs qualify for the BWF Super Series Masters Finals at the end of the year.

2010 Super Series

Victor Korea Super Series 2010(12-17 Jan) Li Ning China Masters Super Series 2010(14-19 Sep)
Proton Malaysia Super Series 2010 (19-24 Jan) Yonex Japan Super Series 2010(21-26 Sep)
Yonex All England Super Series 2010 (09-14 Mar) Denmark Super Series 2010 (26-31 Oct)
Wilson Swiss Super Series 2010 (16-21 Mar) French Super Series 2010 (02-07 Nov)
Singapore Super Series 2010 (15-21 Jun) Li Ning China  Open Super Series 2010 (30 Nov -05 Dec)
Indonesia Super Series 2010 (22-27 Jun) Yonex-Sunrise  Hong Kong Super Series 2010 (07-12 Dec)



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