Tournament Calender

BWF promote the sport of Badminton through an extensive and truly worldwide programme of events.  These events have various purposes according to their level and territory in which they are held but those events owned by BWF seek to showcase the Sport via the widest possible quality television broadcast  and build the fanbase of the Sport throughout the World. sudirman2-robertson-clark

The world badminton tournament structure has four levels. The Thomas Cup & Uber Cup and Sudirman Cup are Teams Events. The others – Super Series, Grand Prix Events, International Challenge and International Series are all individual tournaments. The higher the level of tournament the larger the prize money and the better the ranking points available.

In addition BWF have responsibility for the International Calendar of Tournaments and Member Associations apply for BWF sanction for their tournaments in return for obligations such as complying with the Laws of Badminton and General Competition Regulations provides the Member Association with a date for their event and inclusion, if appropriate, in the World Ranking system.

Member Associations must apply to sanction a tournament at any of the above levels. The BWF Tournament Sanctioning Policy applies to the sanctioning of tournaments.

Besides these, the Events Committee also appoints the various technical officials for the BWF events, Super Series and Grand Prix (including Grand Prix Gold) competitions.


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